Asian Food - Made in Germany !
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We produce Asian Food in Germany We   have   specialised   to   produce   Asian   food   for   the   German   and   European   markets, perhaps as first and only Asian foodstuff-producer in Germany. Our   rice-   and   noodle-products   meet   the   highest   quality   standards. They   benefit   from   beeing   produced in Germany (Hamburg area) under best hygienic conditions and according to original asian recipes. These are the particular advantages of our Germany-based production: Our products are particularly fresh, as they do not suffer from a 3-months sea-transportation like asian import products. Our products are subject to German quality control and constant inspection. Our products do not contain any additives and are imperishable without preservatives. Please convince yourself from the high quality of our products. We are looking forward to your enquiries!
Note: we deliver our products to dealers specialised in foodstuff, wholesale traders, hotels, restaurants and bulk customers. We ask for your understanding for the fact that we do not sell our products directly to end customers and private persons.
Rice - a typical Asian plant and a daily, healthy nourishment for many people on earth. We carefully and respectfully manufacture our products based on high-quality rice of different sorts and origins.
We manufacture our products in the Hamburg area!
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